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Why XCFrameworks Matter

A historical perspective

I’ve written an article for Rightpoint on XCFrameworks and why they’re important.

OpenCV, InputArray, OutputArray, and You

Improve your code with *one easy trick!*

OpenCV has many nice things that aren’t immediately apparent. Here’s a tip I found digging through the source code.

Lately, I’ve helped contribute to Slide for Reddit, an open-source Reddit client for iOS written in Swift. We’re reconsidering some aspects of our UI customization options, and I’m of the opinion that the user just doesn’t have the tools they need to make the app as ugly as humanly possible. As a joke, I wanted to randomize all the colors throughout the app just to see what it would look like. That led to an interesting question: is it possible to write an extension for UIColor that forces all instances to be randomized when they are used?

Spurious (Spatial) Correlations


Are eagle habitats and K-Cup usage spatially related? The results may shock you.