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Liquid Math

Liquid Math is an interactive simulator for reaction-diffusion systems. Think of it like a sort of lava lamp that you control the behavior of. Or think of it as a drawing program that brings your brush strokes to life. Or think of it as an educational tool for linear algebra. It’s up to you.

To learn a little more, and to try out something similar, try out the prototype web version here.


  • Explore 25 styles of reaction-diffusion
  • Make your own styles. The mathematical models are completely customizable.
  • Learn more about the mathematical models powering Morpho.
  • Change the look with the alternate color themes.

Requires iOS 11.0 / macOS High Sierra or later.

Privacy Policy

Neither I nor Morpho / Liquid Math collect or retain any data at this time. If you have analytics turned on in iOS, Apple will collect basic, non-identifying information and logs from your device and send them to me in the event of a crash so that I can fix it. By using this app, you agree to this data collection.