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Liquid Math

Liquid Math is a tool for creating art with biological simulations. There are patterns in nature all around you that form spontaneously from surprisingly simple rules. With Liquid Math, you can use these rules to create art with these patterns, which happen naturally in the raised edges of brain corals, pigmentation in animals with stripes, and more. Think of it as a drawing program that brings your brush strokes to life.

To learn a little more, and to try out something similar, try out the prototype web version here.


  • 40+ reaction-diffusion presets to get started with.
  • Make and save your own simulation rules for later.
  • Change the look with deep theme customization.

Requires iOS 15 / macOS 12 Monterey or later.

Privacy Policy

Neither I nor Morpho / Liquid Math collect or retain any data at this time. If you have analytics turned on in iOS, Apple will collect basic, non-identifying information and logs from your device and send them to me in the event of a crash so that I can fix it. By using this app, you agree to this data collection.